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Technical Support

Diagnosing your needs

We are happy for you to visit us for a complimentary meeting to work out your business needs and how the London Food Centre can help. Even if we cannot help you ourselves we may be able to tell you who can. This service is appreciated particularly by young businesses and those just starting up.

Rarely does a new food business have all the skills necessary to succeed from the very beginning. Often food businesses are started by someone with sales and marketing skills ("I could sell lots of this product, if only I could make it properly.") or someone with technical and operational skills ("I could make lots of this wonderful product, if only I knew how to sell it."). The London Food Centre is especially useful to the former type of entrepreneur.

Solving your technical problems

Many food businesses have technical challenges such as accreditation (Salsa, BRC), HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points), new product development and sensory analysis. We can help you with all of these and much more. Just contact us to find out.

People starting a food business want to talk to someone about it rather than just looking at websites.

Dr. Chris Brock

Dr. Chris Brock