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Research and Consultancy

Applied Research and Development

London South Bank University specialises in applied research. The London Food Centre organises collaborative research and development projects involving, but not necessarily confined to, academic staff at London South Bank University. We help companies apply for grants such as Smart, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, Knowledge Transfer Collaborations and funding from Technology Strategy Board Collaborative Research and Development and SBRI Competitions.


If support from one of our team can meet your business' needs then we can give you a competitive quotation for consultancy. There is a substantial amount of consultancy support from academics included in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and Knowledge Transfer Collaborations too.

Student Projects

The most cost-effective way of getting support from the London Food Centre is if your need can be met by a student project. Both undergraduates and M.Sc. students do projects supervised by academic staff. Project timing and scope has to fit with the student's academic commitments. Project students could also become your future employees. We will only recommend using a student project if it is right for both you and the student. Contact us to find out more.

The products of research into diet and health can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and strokes.

Instron materials testing equipment

Instron materials testing equipment